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Business opportunities in T-Shirt printing in Australia and New Zealand

You would think that most of the printed T-Shirts we see are produced in China, like so many other products in our shops today.  It is not necessarily true. It is true that a large amount of the T-Shirt blanks come from Asian countries including China but much of the actual printing is done right here with the possible exception of those in the big chain stores such as K-Mart and Target, etc. who, more than likely, bring them in from Asia.

The future of T-Shirt printing

New technology always brings new processes and with the advancement in printing and ink technology in recent years, the way T-shirts are produced is now being challenged. Not only is technology driving change in the industry, the designers, influencers and also the customers are changing what to expect in a T-shirt these days.

New TexjetPLUS printer

All the news coming out of Greece these days is pretty negative, however Greek manufacturer Polyprint is upbeat about its new printer, the TexjetPLUS, the successor of the Texjet printer which they say has been a best seller in the market since 2006.

AnaJet's new mPower

"It's all about speed", said Nick Wheatley from Victoria based Adco Engineering, when we met at FESPA Asia.

New heat press films from Hexis

Computaleta in New Zealand recently introduced a new heat press vinyl called FLEX, made in France by Hexis graphics.

DTG launch their Kiosk 3 (K3) model

The DTG Digital division of Impression Technology held it first European conference in Nottingham, United Kingdom on the 2nd of February 2010.