The Avalanche is designed for mass production, up to 300 shirts per hour.
Kornit Digital say that the Avalanche DC Pro includes a new discharge facility for printing on dark garments. It incorporates two additional print heads that use a discharge chemical which removes the dye molecules of the dark garment, providing a smooth base for CMYK printing without the need for White Ink, which creates a "thick" feel on the design.  

Printing with the Avalanche DC Pro can be done with use of full discharge, or discharge with the use of full or partial White Ink coverage. These three options provide unparallel flexibility for the amount and use of discharge. Both full and partial discharge options allow printing without the use of pre-treatment at all, saving time and costs and allowing faster turnaround.

With its ability to produce garments with a very good hand feel, the Avalanche DC Pro is the perfect solution for vendors wanting to enter the fashion industry.

Kornit Digital
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