Computaleta in New Zealand recently introduced a new heat press vinyl called FLEX, made in France by Hexis graphics.

FLEX 200, FLEX 300 and the digital print version UFLEX3 are premium quality products at a very economical price point.  They come in range of 31 colours, including metallic, ultra metallic (sparkle) and fluorescent, as well as soon to arrive colours for nylon fabrics, ideal for sports t-shirts and garments.

FLEX200_2_450Sales of the product are going strong with sign companies in New Zealand, as well as many in the textile market, readily adopting the new film.

“The film goes down like a dream and is really easy to weed and handle.  The price makes it no contest: the HEXIS iron on films are the best we have ever used,” says Niki from Signmax, an Auckland-based sign company.
Computaleta are the largest distributor in the New Zealand sign market, with five branches nationwide and offer three global brands in HEXIS, 3M and Arlon.

Arlette Morrison, Director of sales and marketing, says the family is proud of their sign writing history.
“It’s our 30th birthday this year and we are a strong family company with the signage industry in our blood. In fact, great grandad was a sign writer during the depression, and even his great grandfather was a paint and brush merchant in London. So I guess you could say that, 200 years later, here we are in New Zealand - merchants of a similar ilk.  It must run in the family!”

Since 1982 they gave up making signs and now help customers make incredible signs by supplying them with some of the world’s best and most innovative products.  They started supplying HEXIS products alongside their other ranges in 1996 and the brand has a loyal following.

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