The DTG Digital division of Impression Technology held it first European conference in Nottingham, United Kingdom on the 2nd of February 2010.

The purpose of this European conference was to support the continually growing European dealer network and increase DTG product demand.

Kiosk_3K3The conference was also used as the platform to launch the new one pass Kiosk 3 (K3) model, which is set to become DTG’s flagship machine.  Users can now print both white and other colours in just one pass. The DTG K3 boasts a fast array of new technologies and improvements such as an intelligent print head collision protection system, encoder protection and pressurized ink systems to mention just a few. “Our aim has always been to develop a machine that is a dedicated white ink garment printer, naturally the K3 comes standard with WIMS” says Mr. Stephen Richardson. “The culmination of market research, smart design and enhanced engineering methods has allowed us to build and deliver a solution that is far removed from the original basic machine conversions”

"With faster production speeds and greater image quality, the initial interest levels have been phenomenal” said Stephen Richardson Managing Director of Impression Technology.

WIMS is another development from DTG Digital that was launched it back in 2008. Before WIMS was developed white ink in garment digital printers required significant management and maintenance levels, for some users this had resulted in poor performance and operationally unreliability, especially for those occasional users where maintenance is a burden. WIMS was developed to help those that are after either greater production or for those that simply want to be able to use their printer occasionally. Operators that have WIMS installed have drastically reduced their maintenance time and costs letting their printer do all the hard work that it was built for. The good news is that all DTG machines can now be retrofitted with the WIMS system.

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