New machines will be shipped with the upgrade, whilst existing users can download the new capabilities free of charge.
Gerber Scientific Products has introduced a new upgrade for its SOLARA UV2 hybrid inkjet printer. Gerber say that this upgrade builds on the solid platform of the GSP's successful inkjet technology. The SOLARA UV2’s hybrid design allows it to quickly switch from a roll-to-roll to a flatbed printer. It can print on a variety of materials up to 60” (152cm) wide including rigid materials up to ½” (13mm) thick.

“Gerber Scientific Products has an on-going commitment to inkjet innovation,” commented Curt Brey, Director of Digital Solutions at GSP. “This commitment has resulted in the enhanced SOLARA UV2 which offers expanded capabilities and increased production capacity.”

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Full Bleed Print Mode
Users can now print edge to edge on rigid material up to 1/2" (13mm) thick and take full advantage of the print size.
“While the SOLARA UV2 upgrade has many innovative features, its new full-bleed printing on rigid substrates may be the most significant.” said Brey, “Our customers asked for full-bleed printing and we listened. Now the Solara UV2 is even more versatile as it produces a wider-range of graphics that end-users want while contributing to their company's bottom line.”
Performance Print Mode
Production capacity can now be increased by using the new Two-Pass print function. Eighteen 4’ x 8’ (122cm x 244cm) signs or two hundred 18” x 24” (46cm x 61cm) signs can be produced in a single day with high-quality print results.
Rest Mode
The new Rest mode enables the machine to “rest” the print heads after 60 minutes of idle time. Resting the print heads further extends the unmatched head life of the SOLARA UV2, and ensures the best possible print performance over the life of the printer.
Improved Troubleshooting
New intelligent error messages provide simple and easy solutions when troubleshooting printer operation, making an already user-friendly printer even easier to use.

Material Size Specification
The SOLARA UV2 uses it's laser guided scan system to measure material size, but for the material it cannot measure,  clear acrylic with no backing, for instance, users can now easily specify exact material dimensions for a print job increasing accuracy and performance.
Vacuum Table Control
Not all materials need the support of the SOLARA’s robust vacuum system. Now you can control the vacuum manually when printing with light weight or other challenging materials such as cloth or scrimless banner. Vacuum control further increases the range and versatility of materials that can be printed on the SOLARA UV2.
How to Upgrade...
Existing SOLARA owners can obtain the upgrade as a free download from the Gerber website:

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