GBC Australia have introduced a new range of films for the indoor and outdoor digital signage market. The Studiojet range includes: The Studiojet Solvent 1000, 2000 and 3000 films.

The Studiojet Solvent 1000 is a 3-mil matte white PVC calendered film with clear, emulsion, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and lay-flat liner. It is  designed for indoor and short-term outdoor graphics and offers excellent printability on a wide range of direct print systems. Studiojet 1000 is rated for outdoor durability up to 1 year (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

gbc film pic.gifThe Studiojet Solvent 2000 which is a 3-mil gloss white calendered film with tinted, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed for indoor and outdoor promotional graphics, Studiojet 2000 is made of 100% polymeric face stock with a poly-coated liner. The glossy face stock is designed for applications requiring High Gloss or more image “pop.” The special tinted adhesive system is designed for opacity to directly cover existing graphics  or dark substrates. Studiojet 2000 is rated for outdoor durability up to 5 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

The Studiojet 3000 series which is a 3.8-mil satin white, high-tensile, polyvinyl chloride film with medium-tack, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Designed for indoor and outdoor graphics, Studiojet 3000 is made of 100% polymeric face stock with a special lay-flat liner. Studiojet 3000 is designed to meet the marking requirements and specifications of the transportation, vending, and automotive industries. The film conforms well to flat surfaces with slight contours when processed and applied according to Arlon recommendations. Studiojet 3000 is rated for outdoor durability up to 7 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

*To celebrate this exciting new range of Solvent media, GBC is offering customers a special offer. Simply purchase any 2 rolls of the new Studiojet solvent range (above), and you will receive a FREE banner stand*

Raj Dang of the GBC Digital Printing & Finishing Solutions said that an increase in worldwide demand for digitally printed signage is changing the graphics market and the rapid pace of technology also adds to this new phenomenon.

"GBC Australia identified this evolving market and over the last few years has been consolidating its product range in an endeavour to be a one stop supplier to the sign industry in the digital arena. GBC today supplies a wide range of printers, thermal, solvent and UV, Rip software, ink, media, vinyl cutters and many other accessories to completely produce digital signs in-house", he said. 

"We are a recognised leader in media and lamination and we are further building upon that strength by launching a range of solvent media and performance over laminates under the Studiojet banner. Specially-formulated high quality vinyl films have allowed customers to firstly expand their options and also increase their productivity.

He continued, "GBC now offers its customers a full range of Self Adhesive Media, both Monomeric and Polymeric and includes calendered, engineered and cast specialty films for all sign making applications.

Listed below are some of the highlights within this range:

A comprehensive range of media for all application requirements: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 7 years life span (depending on type of media); High quality products produced in USA; Stringent quality control; Media is suitable with dedicated Monomeric or Polymeric Overlaminate for the perfect finish; GBC can also supply high quality MESH and Double sided Ultra Smooth Banner materials for the Signage and Display markets; GBC can provide 2 ranges of Frontlit banner with high wind reinforcement; All GBC media is suitable for most Solvent and Eco-solvent printers.

GBC Australia Pty Ltd

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