EskoArtwork has announced the opening of its new Kongsberg table manufacturing facility in Brno, Czech Republic, supporting manufacturing efforts in Kongsberg, Norway.

Until recently, all Kongsberg tables were developed and built by Kongsberg, owned by EskoArtwork, in Kongsberg, Norway. The Kongsberg area is the technology hub of Norway, with access to highly skilled employees. The Kongsberg company has been a very successful manufacturer of plotter-cutters for more than four decades. During the last 10 years, EskoArtwork has installed more than 2,500 Kongsberg sample making tables worldwide—and virtually all of them are still in daily production, automatically cutting and creasing materials according to CAD instructions received for packaging or point of sale materials.

While Kongsberg tables range in size from 800 x 1100 mm (31.5” x 43.3”) to 2210 x 4800 mm (87” x 189”), larger tables represent more than half of all Kongsberg table sales, attesting the to machine productivity.



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