Xaar has approved a second Aqua Tint solvent ink in the space of six months. The economical Super Saver ink, manufactured by Aqua Tint in India for worldwide distribution, has been approved for use with the Xaar 128 printheads.

Aqua Tint's economic Super Saver inks have been developed for companies producing less demanding lightfast products. The inks are ideal for companies with a smaller budget, whilst still delivering the high quality results expected by Xaar.

Last year Aqua Tint was the first South Asian ink manufacturer to gain 'Approved' status from Xaar for its Regular Ink . This second award underlines Aqua Tint's strong commitment as a quality supplier of inkjet inks offering outstanding jetting, colour and mechanical properties.

"The presence of Xaar in the Wide Format Printing industry is ever increasing. Over the last few years, we have seen an increased number of printers using and favouring Xaar printheads. We have been supported by Xaar for the last couple of years and this is an additional step towards strengthening the relationship," says Saurabh Goswamy, Company Director,. "The Super Saver grade from the Aqua Tint product portfolio is the most competitive product in the Indian market and having a Xaar Approval gives a signal to the market, that competitive pricing does not mean a compromise on quality."

Xaar's absolute confidence in their 'Approved' inks is gained by successfully completing rigorous test criteria, which includes materials compatibility, printhead lifetime testing, print performance and extended reliability testing.

As a seal of its endorsement, Xaar-approved Aqua Tint inks also carry Xaar's tamper evident hologram to identify that they are genuine Xaar-approved inks. The Xaar hologram differentiates Aqua Tint ink from non-approved inks.

Dr. Jill Woods, Ink Product Manager at Xaar, explains: "Our scheme of approving a wide range of internationally manufactured solvent inks allows companies the freedom to choose the best ink for their needs, according to their budget. We are very pleased to be able to approve the Super Saver ink from Aqua Tint for use with our 128 printheads. These inks will suit those of our customers with tight budgets, whilst still delivering the highest level of performance."



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