Superwide Digital, the sales and service division for Gandinnovations’ Jeti printers in the African market have announced the sale of four new Jeti  printers in the Nigerian market.

The Jeti 5000, now available in the Jeti 5024 model with 24 Spectra print heads, the most recent in the growing line of Jeti Printers from Gandinnovations, was acquired by Pomat Peters in Lagos this past July. Its successful installation spurred the acquisition of a second 24-spectra head, 6-color 3.2 meter Jeti 3324 Printer. 
The Jeti 5000 is a 5-meter, 6-colour Spectra head printer acquired by Arizona Trading, managed by Mel Todd, will be installed alongside a Jeti 3318 printer at their company site in Lagos. The 18-head, 6-colour, 3.2 metre printer will run high speed 300 DPI prints.
Finally, Alfa Group has invested in a Jeti 3324 printer.  The printer was installed in November and will run at over 100 sq.m per hour to satisfy the demand for high quality large format digital prints in the Nigerian market.


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