Roland DG Australia and New Zealand are pleased to announce the 2007 Training Seminar schedules under the new banner; ‘Roland DG Academy’.


With a range of informative, easy-to-follow programmes, providing practical solutions to those involved in the digital print and engraving arenas, Roland DG Academy has the training solution for your needs;

The Maximising Flexi Seminar is for existing and potential users of Flexi. It has been designed with a focus on digital print utilising DesignCentral, maximising workflow efficiency and optimising colour potential. In addition, you will learn to apply previously overlooked Flexi features and explore all the new updates for version 8. You will discover advanced vinyl and contour cutting techniques and understand how to match monitor to print and match customer colours and vinyl specs.

The VersaWorksTM Print & Cut Seminar is designed for existing and potential users of Roland DG’s VersaWorksTM RIP software who want in-depth training on how to increase productivity, maintain their printer printer/cutters and prolong the performance of their investment. In addition this intensive and valuable one-day workshop will cover a wide variety of profitable business opportunities based on the VersaWorkTM’s unique technology advantages. Roland DG’s experts will teach maintenance, media and fine-tuning tips, and will be available for detailed question and answer sessions.

The Digital Print Seminar for Sales and Production is aimed at business owners, managers and sales and production staff involved in the print and sign industries. The programme covers a wide variety of topics from understanding colour to managing your marketing strategy.

Roland DG Academy is pleased to deliver ‘ColourFreak’ in association with GIA and GretagMacBeth. ColorFreak is THE colour seminar for graphic designers, art directors and marketing professionals. Learn how to control your favourite applications and master the latest tools and current best practices in colour control for design. Our Colour Expert instructors will provide you with skills you can apply immediately such as a practical understanding of the new QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2 to specify colour, accurately preview colours on-screen and ensure that designs are reproduced accurately.

‘Introduction to Engraving’ provides a thorough overview of engraving machines and their capabilities, applications and markets. You will learn how to use Dr Engrave, how to maintain your machine and tools and how to perform actual jobs including; name tags, scribing, contoured surfaces, templates, tool changes and more.

‘Pantone Essentials’ incorporates a both and overview and an explanation of the Pantone range of colour management tools and products. The seminar includes product demonstrations and hands on access to a wide range of Pantone products.

Seminar Registration
For detailed information on how to register for Training Seminars, please visit our website; or call 1-800-500-119 in Australia and 09-309-8104 in New Zealand.

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