The largest laminator ever constructed by UK manufacturer Autobond is due to leave the company’s Derbyshire factory at the beginning of February to begin a journey across the seas to Texas trade laminator The Lamination Center.

The new Sheetmaster 105 TP XXL can laminate sheets, both sides in one pass, at sizes up to 1,050 x 1,400 mm (41 x 55 inches) and at speeds up to 120 metres per minute (400 feet per minute), which is believed to be the fastest output in the world for a sheet-fed film laminator. At this level of throughput, the Sheetmaster 105 TP XXL could laminate 10,000 sheets of B1 (28 x 40 inches) an hour.

Like all Autobond models the new Sheetmaster 105 TP XXL offers a high degree of automation, making the laminator easy to operate. Changing film sizes is carried out quickly and easily using an airshaft, which enables make-readies to be achieved normally in less than five minutes, using only a few sheets. The Sheetmaster 105 TP XXL incorporates a Heidelberg Speedmaster 105 feed head, which has separate pick-up and forwarding suckers to transfer sheets on to the 4 inch wide vacuum feed belts and into the laminating rollers. The feed head is processor controlled and receives continuous job data from a sophisticated encoder on the laminating roller.

Features include front-lays for greater under-lap control with thin paper and a new release-liner airshaft for floor graphics. Other features include 30 mm (1 inch) thick steel side plates that ensure durable and robust construction, Siemens electronics with a touch screen control panel, plus PLC and inverter drives. There is a digital sheet counter, an adjustable anti curl bar, pneumatically adjustable in-feed nip rollers and a pneumatic air clutch to provide constant tension between the laminator and the sheeter. The Siemens electronics enables remote machine diagnostics via a modem link to Autobond technicians.

Autobond Ltd

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