The viscom Innovation Awards and the Digital Signage Best Practice Award were awarded for the first time at September's viscom show in Dusseldorf.

Products could be entered if they were launched after 1st October 2006 and had already been fully implemented: “The product must be fully marketable in terms of commercial, design and environmental aspects.

The winners were:

In the category Large Format Digital Printing: Spitfire Extreme Mild-Solvent-Drucker from Mutoh and Arizona 250 GT from Océ

The jury decided to award two first prizes in this category.

The statement of the jury:
The Spitfire Extreme Mild-Solvent-Drucker is one of the first printing systems in which Mutoh integrated their so-called i² Intelligent Interweaving Technology.This printer does not apply the ink in straight lines on the media to be printed – as their competitors do it – but in wave patterns optimised for each printing mode.

By this, negative visual effects caused, for example, by failed printhead nozzles or even horizontal banding can be minimized if not eliminated. A unique solution which is so far exclusively offered by Mutoh. In addition to the highly convincing printing quality the Spitfire Extreme also provides for a high printing speed. Mutohs i²-technology is also available on the Valuejet Series Printers and the new Blizzard which was launched at the viscom 2007.

The second first price

The statement of the jury:
In March 2007 Océ presented their Arizona 250 GT, a completely redesigned printer using UV hardening inks: The variable drop size of the grey-shade heads allows for a very high image quality. The optional roll module is so cleverly placed on the edge of the vacuum printing table that the change between flat bed and roller printing is made extremely quickly. In addition, this printer is easy to use and moderately priced with excellent maintenance costs – a truly innovative product.

In the category Signmaking: Acryl-Material from Tromark

The statement of the jury:
The material presented by Tromark allows advertising technicians to produce weather and corrosion resistant signs with highly decorative metallic surfaces in stainless steel and NE metal look with non-sophisticated technical equipment and machines. In the past, these materials could only be produced with great efforts using conventional sheet steel and treatment machines so that, if necessary, the purchase of ready-made products was often necessary. According to the manufacturer the material can be designed and treated with common technology. This material provides the advertising technician with additional opportunities to creatively design and produce signs and icons.

In the category Light advertising: curveLED from tennagels

The statement of the jury:
curveLED of tennagels is a modular connector-system for light and image presentation on LED basis. It convinced the jury inter alia because it is a well-engineered LED product which can be integrated in many fields of visual communication. Applications at the POS are as conceivable as such at other events. The fact that curveLED is a both single and duplex information and image system suited for being mounted at the stand or on the ceiling, speaks for the versatility of this „transparent curtain“. The particularity of this type of projection screen is, besides the construction of even walls, the design of „floating forms“ such as waves or columns. Concluding, the jury states that the meanwhile widespread LED technology gets a new and lively face thanks to curveLED.

Digital Signage Best Practice Award
The three categories in which manufacturers, service and retail companies, agencies and system integrators can enter their products are Retail Signage – Digital Signage applications in retail shops; Information Signage – Digital Signage applications to present information on public displays, and Routing – Digital Signage applications in routing systems for public spaces. Eligible for entries were all projects which have been carried out after 1 January 2006 and whose implementation will be largely completed by 31 July 2007.  “With this Best Practice Award we would like to distinguish and present to a larger public Digital Signage applications characterized by particularly efficient planning, creative implementation, innovative character and high degree of success,” says Petra Lassahn.

The winners of the Digital Signage Best Practice Award are:

In the category Routing: netvico and Peek & Cloppenburg with the store plan

The statement of the jury:
The most important aspects of the winning design were the good integration of the solution in the architecture and client CI. Clearly structured and comprehensive system integration together with good user-interface offered the customer true added value.

In the category Information Signage: Pixelpark, Ben Hur and BASF with BASF Today

The statement of the jury:
The most important criteria were the extremely comprehensive concept and perfect execution. An impressive project on a world wide scale.

In the category Retail Signage: Visual Food and Valora with k-wachstum k-kiosk and
Seen Media and Galeria Kaufhof with their Digital Signage resolution in the Berliner Galeria Kaufhof Weltstadtwarenhaus

The statement of the jury:
The decision of the jury was not easy because all entries ful?lled all basic criteria. Due to this it was decided that two prizes would be awarded in this category to re?ect the wide range of applications in retail. The decision of the jury was swayed by the mated measure solutions and high integration of the digital signage solutions into the daily retail trade.

In the category Special Award: ag4 media facade GmbH and XL Solutions GmbH

The statement of the jury:
A special award was given to a product that was so innovative and so practical but didn‘t fit into any of the three categories. The use of complete facades for emotional and aesthetic communication and information platforms opens completely new application opportunities.





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