Wide Format Online has joined the growing ranks of sponsors of the SEES organisation and the Solar Boat Challenge and would urge other potential sponsors to consider this opportunity to a) help themselves with some great publicity and b) help many young schoolies to get involved with this great environmental project and c) for you to make a positive contribution to the development and improvement of solar power as an alternative to fossil fuel.
See http://www.solarchallenge.com.au/ for more information about SEES as well as a sponsor application form.

Climate change is affecting every living thing on this planet.

In our pursuit to achieve, we are all responsible for this dilemma described by some as the most important challenge facing governments around the world, even more important than terrorism.

Whilst we can all make a positive contribution, one group of individuals is doing more than most - the SEES organisation. (Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability).

The SEES organisation has developed the Solar Boat Challenge as a means of helping young people to actively get involved to prove that we don't need fossil fuels to power our vehicles.

Sponsorship money goes towards purchasing various boat kits for the school kids to assemble and tweak as much as possible so that they can compete with other schoolies and groups.

The races are being held in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast during September and October of 2007. The National Finals will held in Sydney during November.
  • The PILOTED BOAT CHALLENGE is split into Secondary and Open divisions. Boats made and piloted by students of Australian Secondary Schools enter the Secondary class, everyone else enters the Open class.

    These boats are to be single person solar boats with some restrictions on battery, solar panel, engine capacity and length. There are no restrictions on design. Each boat competes in SPRINT SLALOM and ENDURANCE races, with an aggregate score deciding the winners. There will also be an educational presentation component in the Secondary division.
  • The SOLAR BOAT MODEL RACE is split into Primary and Secondary divisions. Boats made and guided by students of Australian Primary Schools enter the Primary class, those made and guided by students of Australian Secondary Schools enter the Secondary class. For the purposes of this event, Primary means year 6 and below, Secondary means years 7 to 12.

Each model will compete in an ENDURANCE race, with the possibility of heats and finals depending on the number of entrants. We will launch this program with the CSIRO Double Helix Club, Helix Magazine and Scientriffic. All models will need to be exclusively Solar Powered (in other words - no batteries) to participate in the event.

There is a further option in the Solar Boat Model Class:
  • You can compete with a Wire Guided Solar Model Boat, as specified through the Solar National Rules on www.solarnational.org
  • Alternatively or in addition, you can enter a Remote Controlled Solar Model Boat in a separate race.

In all Education Class races we are adding a DESIGN and PRESENTATION COMPONENT to the competition. In other words - as well as winning the race - your boat needs to look good and you need to know what you're doing!

The winners will be decided based on an aggregate score of race results, design and presentation.

More than 110 teams from schools and groups across 4 states and 2 countries will take part in Australia’s International Solar Boat Challenge in events to be held from September to November throughout the eastern states. Open to primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions and solar boat hobbyists, the challenge aims to increase awareness of environmental sustainability in a fun way.

Many children who have been given the chance to compete were granted with remote control solar boat kits by SEES Ltd, the non-profit organisation behind this engaging and exciting event. Under the scheme, each group is given a kit containing the components of a remote control solar boat. The group will then design and refine their boat before competing in the state finals in Victoria, Qld and NSW where the top 4 teams from each event will qualify for the National Finals to be held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre on 3 November.

With potentially 30 more teams on the way, the schools and groups that have been selected to compete so far are:

Alvie Primary School, 3249
Carlisle River Primary School, 3239  
Forrest Primary School, 3236
Ballarat Grammar School, 3355
Colac High School, 3250
Gisborne Secondary College, 3437
Beeac Primary School, 3251
Cressy Primary School, 3322
Teesdale Primary School, 3328
Blackburn High, 3130

Ashmore Primary School, 4214
Marymount College, 4220
Palm Beach Currumbin SHS, 4223
Belleview Primary School Merrimac State High School, 4226
Palm Beach Primary, 4221
Coombabah Primary School Merrimac State School, 4226
Robina State High School, 4226
Currumbin Valley Primary School, 4223
Miami State High School Southport State High School, 4215
Elanora State High School, 4221
Mudgeeraba Creek State School, 4213
Trinity Luthern College Emmanuel College, 4211
Mudgerabah Primary, 4213
William Duncan Primary School
Helensvale State High School, 4212
Ormiston College, 4160
Worongary Primary School, 4213

1st Balmain Scouts, 2041
Cranebrook High, 2749
Maitland Public School, 2320
Arndell Anglican College, 2765
Doonside Technological High School, 2767
Muswellbrook High School, 2333
Belmore Boys High School, 2192
Dulwich High School, 2203
Nepean High School, 2750

At the time of writing, the Victorian Challenge had been completed, with the Queensland Challenge being next on the agenda and then lastly New South Wales..

Wide Format Online is proud to be a part of this great contribution to our schools and ultimately to our planet.

SEES (Solar Boat Challenge)

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