Adkote has secured the official license for the Australian distribution of the first landfill degradable PVC; BIOflex.

BIOflex is a banner substrate that contains no toxic materials.  The unique composition of BIOflex ensures its quality as banner material without leaving its imprint indelibly on the planet.  In the US companies including Universal Pictures and Nike are using BIOflex for their nationwide billboard campaigns.

As the global economy seeks environmentally friendly solutions, it is vital that producers of large billboards have an environmentally friendly alternative to the toxic and indestructible vinyl options that currently choke our landfill sites. 

Ian Cleary, Managing Director of Adkote says, “Millions of tonnes of non-degradable vinyl are buried in landfills annually.  In addition to this the market for UV ink usage is expected to grow globally at an estimated 76 per cent per annum over the next ten years*.  This growth will naturally create an explosion in waste materials.  Our desire is to see a substantial increase in the use of biodegradable banner material to help combat the environmental fallout from using standard PVC materials.”

BIOflex is engineered to breakdown under landfill conditions (darkness, high heat and moisture) within three to five years without emitting toxic gases or other pollutants – standard vinyl retains its form and its toxic content for decades.  There is also concern that cheap PVC coming out of China contains even higher toxicity levels.

Cleary continues. “Adkote is committed to providing its customers with the greenest solutions available on the market – as consumers of printed product embrace a green print philosophy those producers who have acted to implement green practices and use green products will be well placed to meet market demands.”

BIOflex is just one of a number of environmentally friendly products that Adkote plans to add to its range in the coming months.

BIOflex is available in frontlit seamless widths up to 16’ 4” and is suited to frontlit solvent and UV printing signs and banners.  It can be successfully used on a wide range of UV and solvent printers.

* Source: CAP Ventures and Pira International

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