Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. has released its M Turbo Flatbed Cutting and Routing System.

The system is a one-kilowatt router that allows routing of .080 aluminum and thick rigid materials (such as wood and acrylic) up to 1 in. thick. It will also rout such thinner rigid boards as aluminium composite materials at speeds up to 4 times faster than the company’s standard M Series router. 
Additionally, the system offers software improvements that include RPM control, and, a new, high-powered router head integrated into the M Series T3 tool head design allows the machine to employ all of Gerber’s M Series standard tools: the reciprocating knife, crease wheel, tangential knives and more.

The system sustains Gerber’s M-series robust table design, the M-Vision optical registration system (for accurate print-to-cut registration) and the zoned vacuum system, which allows for accurate (or regional) material hold down.

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