With more and more 3D movies being released and 3D television on its way, will print be forced to follow suit? Are you ready for the 3D onslaught?

Even computer monitors are tipped to go the 3D route in coming years with the technology already developed.

It all sounds like science fiction, doesn't it. No, it's reality alright.

3D printing is moving more and more into the mainstream and the recent Print 09 exhibition did it's bit to shunt the technology along a bit further. 3D technology options were present on stands of Gerber, FujiFilm, Mimaki USA and EFI.

Israeli company Human Eyes is leading the 3D software charge with a raft of products spanning offset printing to wide format inkjet.

DP Lenticular in Ireland is struggling to keep up with demand for it's lenticular plastic sheeting. It is exporting the sheeting all over the world.

Some forward thinking local wide format printers have already made the investment to make sure they are not left behind in the race.

A 3D Entertainment Summit was held this month in the US and it was reported that both the attendance and sponsorship of the event had doubled from previous events.

Announcements were made that famous movies like Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are due to be released shortly in Disney Digital 3-D.  It's also being rumoured that even the blockbuster Titantic may be re-released in 3D.

Panasonic was reported to have unveiled a prototype 50" 3D television with companion glasses with plans to bring the technology into our homes next year.

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