Summa USA has announced the appointment of Positive Camtec Pty Ltd as an Australian Distributor for the Summa range of Vinyl Cutters and Thermal Transfer Print & Cut machines.

Summa products have long been recognised as the premium quality range of machines throughout the world and are manufactured at Summa’s Belgium facility.



“Following a long association with Summa products over the past 15 years, it is a pleasure to be appointed by Summa to represent them in the Australian marketplace” said Ray Clarke, Managing Director of Positive Camtec. “Many clients who have purchased Summa cutters from Positive Camtec in the early days still rely on their Summa cutters to produce for them day in and day out in 2009, which is an exceptional run and testament to the quality and reliability of Summa products.”

“The dedication and experience that Positive Camtec offer the local market coupled with their product knowledge of Summa products gained over years of working along with us, made for a natural progression to appoint them as an Australian Distributor” said Drew Groshong, VP of Sales of Summa Inc, USA.

The Summa S-Class and SummaCut range of Vinyl Cutters are supplied as standard with Summa’s Print Recognition system OPOS-X and the newly developed OPOS CAM is an option on some models. OPOS CAM allows for print recognition up to 10 times faster than competing systems, which is ideal for high production print-to-cut requirements.

Summa is also one of the few manufacturers to offer Vinyl Cutters up to 64” wide, making Summa the ideal Vinyl Cutter to couple with any wide format digital printer. In addition, Summa Tangential Cutting technology “steers” the cutting blade rather than using Drag Blade technology that is ideal for thick, hard to cut substrates. Summa’s Tangential cutters do however include a Drag Knife option for those wanting to use it.

“Summa cutters are the premium product on the market, and their Tangential Cutting Blade technology is second to none,” said Philip Trumble, Technical Director of Positive Camtec. “Summa T Series cutters are unmatched when it comes to cutting difficult substrates like Class 1 “Honeycomb” Reflective Vinyl and Sandblast rubber up to 1.2mm thick.”

Positive Camtec Pty Ltd


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