Verdigris, the internationa not-for-profit print environmental research initiative has announced that Océ has joined as a 'Founder' supporter.

The company joins Agfa, Canon Europe, Digital Dots, drupa, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak, Unity Publishing, Ricoh and Screen in their support for the global project

Verdigris' goal is to learn more about the carbon footprint of print and electronic media, from the point of file creation via production to final distribution, use and disposal. Verdigris supporters and panel of expert industry writers and consultants produce regular analysis articles for publication in trade industry publications in 33 countries and available on the website Article topics include explanations of environmental concerns, and examples of how companies can improve their environmental credentials and attain ISO 14001.

"Our aim is to become the print information hub for printers and print buyers seeking best practices for logistics, facilities, workflow, distribution, energy consumption, and recycling," explains Laurel Brunner, the driving force behind Verdigris. "The support from suppliers has been fantastic and endorses the importance they place on environmental issues. Like our other sponsors, Océ is very active in adopting and promoting best practice procedures and we welcome their contribution."

Crit Driessen, Océ Production Printing's Vice-President Marketing and Strategy, says: "Despite the turbulent times for all economies worldwide, the relevance of sustainability activities for us remains unchanged and the Verdigris research is an initiative we are proud to support. Our innovative print and document management products and services for professional environments are backed by our global environmental initiatives. These range from launching Océ CrystalPoint revolutionary non-emission technology, partnering the UN Environmental Programme, with Océ a Climate Partner, through to forming a digital Print de-inking alliance. In the UK, the Carbon Positive Plus+ Programme has led to other campaigns, such as 'Green Services', with support from companies such as Pfizer."

Directory of 14001 certified printers
Verdigris' latest project is an online directory of international printing companies who have achieved ISO 14001 certification. The regularly updated list is available on the Verdigris website at and is a great starting point for print buyers who are looking for printers with good environmental credentials.

A great deal of commitment is required to achieve ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS). ISO 14001 was published in 2004 and explains what is required of an EMS to enable an organisation to develop and implement an environmental policy. ISO 14001 includes legal and other requirements, and describes how to apply them to the business. The standard does not state specific environmental performance criteria, but focuses instead on establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an environmental management system.

Printers with ISO 14001 who wish to be included in the free directory should send their details to Laurel Brunner (



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