Today’s finishing market is sizeable, supporting many multinational/international and local manufacturers of overlaminates and adhesives.

Although the laminating industry is expected to remain strong, changes in printing technology will require additional methods of print finishing which includes liquid lamination.

Liquid lamination has been around for a number of years, primarily in the traditional printing industry but now is becoming an accepted and often a preferred option for those in the digital and sign industries. Drytac recognizes this and has taken a proactive approach to ensure that our customers have the ability to offer alternatives to their customers.

versacoater_xl_perspective_cmyk_4point2.gifDrytac are one of the key players who believe it is still important to remain committed to film laminate in order to carry forward the high quality service their customers require. Recently they invested A$300,000 into an advanced pressure chambered doctor blade coating unit which aids the application of film coatings and ensures an ultra smooth finish. This is compatible with both water and solvent based coatings, enabling Drytac to continue to deliver high standards of efficiency, quality and production.

At the same time, Drytac are embracing the strong future they predict in the world of liquid lamination. With the industry guru Jim Tatum representing Drytac’s liquid coating division and the recent purchase of a major U.S. graphic liquid coating operation  in June this year, the potential expected in this new technology is clear. As a result of this purchase, the second by Drytac since that of AFS in 2008, Drytac now has their own proprietary liquid manufacturing and bottling plant in Canada and are expected to replicate that in the UK early in 2010.

Strong investments in both film coatings and the new liquid lamination technology and the expansion of Finishing products such as edge finishing equipment for foam boards and environmentally friendly boards such as Xanita (X Board) and Re-Board, ensures that Drytac will be at the forefront of the laminating  industry for many years to come. 

Customers can look forward with confidence that changes in industry technology will be supported by Drytac with the latest and most advanced methods of print finishing both  current and in the future.

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