Gandinnovations will be exhibiting at Print ’09 and will debut the new NanoJet2 with the Flat-To-Roll (FTR) hybrid option for the first time to the public.

The FTR is designed specifically for the latest addition to the Gandinnovations printer line, the 1224 NanoJet2, and is expected to cut production time down significantly for shop owners that need a durable hybrid printer. The FTR is a factory installed option which fits onto the front and back of the NanoJet2 and syncs perfectly with the print stepping for reliable flatbed and UV roll-to-roll production. Converting from the flatbed to the roll-to-roll option is accomplished by adjusting the vacuum settings with a couple clicks of the user-friendly GUI.  

nanojet2.jpgThe FTR effortlessly prints rolled materials up to 8’ wide using reliable beveled hydraulic pinch rollers that keep all flexible materials stable and centered on both the feed and the rewind for seamless roll-to-roll printing. Rigid materials are held firmly in place on the innovative 1.5mtr x 2.4mtr (4’x8’) linear printing table with a strong sectional vacuum throughout the bed. The head carriage system allows for 100% accurate dot placement while printing on both flexible and rigid materials. 

The FTR is ideal for production printing on most flexible and rigid materials, up to 2” thick. Gandinnovations is currently helping their clients by qualifying materials for the entire line of Jeti printers and reporting objective facts at Over 156 rigid and flexible materials are currently qualified for the FTR.

“The Print ’09 show is really meaningful to Gandinnovations. We had our coming out party at the Print ’05 show and established our presence in the industry. To have another successful show at Print ’09 would really make me proud and allow me to reflect on all of the accomplishments we have had in the time between these shows,” says Cory Brock, Marketing Manager for Gandinnovations.  

Along with the NanoJet2 / FTR, Gandinnovations will also exhibit the 3324 Aquajet, its direct-to-fabric-printer, at Print ’09.

The Aquajet is a 3 .3 meter wide format direct-to-fabric printer that uses specially in-house formulated water-based inks to achieve vibrant, brilliant colors that are fade and wash resistant. The Aquajet prints directly on any polyester based fabric and colors burst to life for unlimited applications.

There is no longer a need for transfer paper or a separate heating unit. The Aquajet includes a built-in infrared heater that cures the ink and allows the colors to “pop”. The Aquajet features 24 Gandinnovations Special Edition print heads, is available in 6-color, true 400 dpi resolution and has production speeds of 650 sqft/hr (60 sqm/hr).

The Aquajet comes with 3 high-temperature slitting units attached on the rewind rollers that will allow operators to slit and seal the fabric for the finished required sizes. The 3324 Aquajet is unquestionably the most versatile and fastest 3 meter grand-format digital direct-to-fabric printer in the world and has been designed specifically for the textile printing industry.
Gandinnovations has expanded its reach in the industry since its inception in 2004 with programs and accessories geared towards helping customers maintain peak productions. Two new products offered by Gandinnovations, the JETiWORX and the Jeti Edge, are specifically designed to keep their clients producing and profitable.  The programs provide clients with a maintenance plan, plus on-site technical support and training during the installation of Jeti printers.     

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