Net outdoor media revenue was $188.3m compared to $217.7m for the previous year.

OMA Chief Executive Helen Willoughby said the decline followed more than six consecutive years of solid growth.

“The results reflect the general economic downturn being experienced in the advertising market,” Ms Willoughby said.
From 1 January 2009, outdoor media results have been recorded against the following categories:

• Roadside – billboards < and > 25 square metres. Includes posters, billboards and supersites.
• Roadside – other. Includes bus and tram shelters, kiosks, free standing panels, phone booths and bus and tram externals.
• Transport. Includes railway stations, bus terminals and airport internals/precincts.
• Retail. Includes shopping centres and tertiary institutions.
Previously, the OMA reported its revenue under the categories of Large Format, Posters, Street Furniture and Transit.

Outdoor Media Association of Australia


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