Both GASAA (Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia) and ASGA have issued reminders that unfair dismissal laws have changed from 1 July 2009.

The biggest change small businesses need to be aware of is the new definition of small business.

Small businesses come down from having 100 employees to 15 full time (equivalent) staff, so make sure you have your IR affairs in order now!

GASAA members can contact Garry Knespal at GASAA, he is qualified to advise and represent members on industrial relations issues. Garry can be contacted on 02 9386 1595 or 1300 131 787 or

ASGA members also have a free legal/business Advice Line to Warwick Ryan.  You can access it by contacting in the first instance ASGA General Manager, Michael Punch, on 0448 274 211 or

ASGA Queensland are holding a workshop at the premises of Wood & Wood Sign Systems on the 5th August on this subject with Warwick Ryan giving a presentation. The address is 42 Cessna Drive, Caboolture.



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