Arlon announced a little earlier this year the availability of new 5-yard roll package for Series 2100, cast film in 15” punched and 24” unpunched widths.

With the tight economy, small and medium sign shops are starting to shy away from buying 50-yard rolls of colored cast film especially outside the standard white, red, blue, and black fast movers that most shops use everyday. According to Arlon’s research, signs and banners are often restricted to those ‘fast mover’ colors or digital printing with a trade-off in creativity or in warranty life. To meet this trend head on, Arlon will offer these short rolls in 83 colors at the same sq.-ft. price as larger rolls.
“This package is the right solution for today’s economy,” states Ron Hopkins, Arlon President. “It enables sign shops to maintain color creativity while keeping inventories at a bare minimum.
Our distributor channel partners will appreciate it too, and due to the low investment requirement, they will be able to avoid backorders and keep the full range of colors always available for their sign shop customers.”

Local Arlon dealer may not be stocking this new package, users are urged to enquire.

Arlon, Inc.

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