Screen Europe is demonstrating that inkjet printing is now a real alternative to screen printing for automotive, medical, promotional, display and packaging applications at new Print On Demand Centre.

If you going to the Netherlands in the near future, you might want to pop into Screen Europe's Demo Centre to witness how screen printers specialising in work for industrial equipment manufacturers such as membrane switches, graphic overlays and instrument panels can now try for themselves the production and economic benefits of the new Screen Truepress Jet650UV inkjet printer which is now available for trials at Screen’s European Print on Demand (POD) Demo Centre in The Netherlands.

truepress_jet_650uv.jpgThe Truepress Jet650UV flat bed inkjet printing system offers a highly versatile printing capability combined with the cost saving benefits of being able to produce short run, print-on-demand materials for test-market items, limited runs and just-in-time promotions.

“The highest resolution imaging and precise registration place the Truepress Jet650UV in a class by itself,” says Brian Forsdike, President, Screen Europe. “It is ideal for industrial manufacturing applications as well as those which utilise flexible substrates such as membrane switches, ID cards, sign and display, labels and decals as it delivers sharp image reproduction, high print density and excellent registration on a wide range of materials up to 50mm thick.”

Capable of printing on plastic film, sheets and board, the Truepress Jet650UV is particularly suited to the manufacturing market. For industrial products it provides a rich variety of realistic tones, defined gradients, translucent print for backlighting and crisp text on touch panels, dial faces, mobile phone cases, remote controls and meters. Many of the print effects that can be achieved have not previously been possible because of the limitations of the screen printing process.

It easily accommodates the substrates, design and processing demands of sign and display printing. Additionally, it can print on film and flexible packaging materials for short-run production of limited-run products, test-market items and novelties. Employee IDs, security passes and membership cards are among the many applications that profit from the Truepress Jet650UV’s ability to print and personalise directly onto card material as a single process.

It is ideal for printing dashboards and instrument panels found in cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, water craft and snowmobiles. Furthermore, the printing system fulfils the precision and visual confirmation requirements of membrane switches, labels and operation panels used in the manufacture of medical devices.

Ultraviolet (UV) inkjet inks
Screen has developed an ink for this innovative printer that can be used for printing on a variety of media with the flexibility to withstand three-dimensional moulding after printing. The new ink provides excellent stretchability and adhesion to substrates, which allows high-precision printing on a wide variety of media, including ABS resin, acrylic, PVC and PET in addition to polycarbonate. In addition, the environmental impact of Screen’s UV inks is significantly lower than other inks, thanks to the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the reduced energy requirements associated with drying.

Functions that support better quality
Inkjet printing does not require direct contact with the media. Adjustable height fittings and vacuum attachments make it easy to accurately position and secure the media for printing. A charge-coupled device (CCD) camera detects the media position and automatically adjusts the alignment if necessary. The printing table is equipped with a microscopic angle rotation feature. A temperature control mechanism keeps the inks at a uniform temperature to ensure consistent printing quality. A media cooler prevents heat emitted by the UV lamps from distorting the plastic substrate. Furthermore, an automatic scanning device scans a test print for nozzles in the inkjet head. If clogged, a non-contact cleaning system cleans the inkjet head, preventing misfires and increasing the head’s lifespan.

Key Features
•     Bed size 650 mm x 600 mm and maximum output area 644 mm x 594 mm.
•     Maximum speed 1,300 square centimetres per minute. Output up to 45 sheets per hour when printing on 450 mm x 600 mm polycarbonate sheets.
•     Prints directly onto media up to 50 mm thick.
•     Maximum imaging resolution of 2,400 dpi x 2,400 dpi.
•     With the multiple printhead array, up to 32 printheads can be installed.
•     The eight-level greyscale inkjet heads vary the drop size from 6 picoliters to 42 picolitres.
•     Ultraviolet (UV) flexible inkjet inks. Comes with cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks; additional white, clear and black inks are optionally available.

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