Wide-Format Printing: The Competitive Landscape is a report that provides a basic buying guide to wide-format printing.

The report was constructed by Research and Markets, an Irish organsiation, for commercial printers, designers publishers, or anyone else in the market for wide-format graphics.

The publishers say the report provides a general overview of wide-format printing, some of the issues involved, some caveats, and some general buying advice.

But the bulk of this report comprises tables of printer specifications, organised by major vendor. In order to keep this from becoming a retina-numbing series of data points and specs, they say they have tried to focus on just the basics. They have also tried to include pricing information, but bear in mind that vendors are loath to give out pricing, as there can be a wide range of costs for the same hardware, depending on RIP configuration, software packages, and other add-ons.

Research and Markets


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