Seal Graphics has announced that it is responding to a clear shift in the market which is seeing end-users wishing to extend the number and variety of applications they would like to laminate using UV curable methods.

These users are printing onto front-lit banner stock and self adhesive vinyls and will now be able to process them with roll fed images using the UV Pro machines. If users were to cut images into single sheets, their process times and wastage factors would increase substantially. 

Instead, Seal Graphics has responded by adding roll-to-roll capabilities to its two market-leading liquid laminators for high-volume environments. The roll-to-roll units allow the operator to process rolls of printed media without having to stop the machine to attach the images to the take up unit. This provides a true production unit that meets the requirements of the health and safety issues associated with stopping the dryer belt to secure take up or creating huge quantities of slack in the web to facilitate loading the take up. 

Features of the enhanced sheet or board-fed machines include an instant UV curing system for substrates up to 2032 mm wide and 7.62cm thick at speeds of up to 32 metres per minute adding a coat weight of between seven and 20 microns. 

In addition to new hardware options, and following constant development and close cooperation with key customers, Seal Graphics has responded to user requests by testing and developing new UV liquid solutions.  The results of these consultations have led to the new AquaSeal 900 Supercoat UV liquids. This is a range of high performance UV liquids delivering low odour indoor and outdoor applications specially designed to work with the latest UV printing technologies.

Further research and development with regard to UV coating technology is ongoing -in order to follow the latest trends in printing and coating such that further upgrades and optimisation to both machines and liquids can be expected.

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