Out There Media is the first in NSW to purchase the new HP Designjet L65500 latex ink printer.

This is the second sale of this eco friendly printer for Celmac.

Kent Wiggins, Managing Director of Out There Media initially viewed the HP Designjet at the Celmac open house in March in Melbourne.  He and his business partner Alan Wilton then made the trip to PacPrint09 in May to assess the printer once more before signing on the dotted line.


 L-R Alan Wilton (Out There Media), Michael Boogard (Celmac) and Kent Wiggins (Out There Media)

“We are very excited about the purchase of the new HP Designjet latex ink printer,” said Wiggins from his Alexandria office.  “We have always positioned ourselves as a company that works with leading edge technology.  When I saw the printer in action at the open house in Melbourne I was impressed by its capabilities.  Seeing it again at PacPrint clinched the deal.”

Out There Media has replaced two existing 1.8m solvent printers with the new 2.64m HP Designjet L65500.  Wiggins said, “We are producing work faster with the new printer than what we were able with both the older machines.  And we still have capacity to grow our turnover”.

The new printer will be used to produce the company’s existing work – promotional materials, outdoor signage and vehicle wraps – plus it will enable Out There Media to access new markets.  “We are keen to pursue work we haven’t tackled before like backlit light boxes and larger signage.  We also plan to introduce a range of products printed on recyclable media.”

Wiggins said the environmental benefits of the HP Designjet L65500 printer were a big factor in their final decision. “From an OH&S perspective we are able to provide a safe, VOC free environment for our staff which is fantastic.  We looked at UV flatbed machines, but even with ventilation and low solvent inks there are still residual vapours. The multiple benefits of the HP latex ink printer – the quality, speed, and environmental features – made the choice easy”.

“From a marketing viewpoint we are able to competitively offer a high quality product that is recyclable.  In the current economic climate environmental concerns seem to have taken a back seat to budget cuts so this is a message we are keen to take to market.”

He said despite the global financial crisis his company was keen to proceed with the purchase of the new printer as investing now would give them the edge on the competition.  “When the market recovers we will be in a prime position to capture it.”

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