The larger the company, the rosier its outlook, according to the “Financial Outlook Survey.”

Results from SGIA’s January–February survey are posted online at Surveys & Statistics on

“The vast majority of companies expect their sales to grow this year,” says SGIA Business Information Associate Alaina Harris. “However, larger firms were more likely to predict double-digit growth. 8.1 percent of companies with $1 million–$4,999,999 in sales, and 6 percent of companies with $10 million or more in sales, predicted 15 to 29 percent growth.”

The survey found digital imaging to be a source of that growth: 20.8 percent of respondents said their growth would result solely from their efforts in that area.

“We run Surveys & Statistics to help our members gather the best, most timely data to engineer smarter business decisions. This insight helps them to discern industry growth trends and target new markets,” says Michael Robertson, President/CEO, SGIA.

More than 700 specialty imaging professionals took part in SGIA’s 2007 “Financial Outlook Survey” to compare their growth projections to industry averages, and about 40 percent of them reported digital imaging as a source of at least half their 2006 sales. Of the companies that screen print, 57 percent said at least half their sales were related to that technology.


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