Andy Hannington at Spice Digital Imaging in Western Australia has installed a new Inca Spyder 320 flatbed six colour printer and has high praise for the supplier.

Andy states that since it was installed in January 2007 he has seen the difference the new machine has made to his business. It is now possible for Spice Digital Imaging to put out a lot more work in far fewer hours than would have been possible in the past, with the use of the new Spyder almost killing the need for a night shift.

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From left: Spice Digital's Andy Hannington, with Sericol WA manager Gary Hayes and Fujifilm engineer Jim Bradshaw.

However it is not only the speed of the new machine that Andy is pleased about.

Spice Digital Imaging have their share of wide and grand format printing for billboards and exhibitions and producing large format graphics for advertising agencies, graphic design agencies, architects, shop fitters, artists and photographers. However, over time they have carved out a niche for themselves as being providers of superior colour matching services.

Andy says. “Within the company we have a very strong background in the offset printing industry and have become renowned for being able to manage colour – perhaps a little bit better than most!”

He goes on to explain that the company’s ability and reputation for being quality driven is often sought after for shop fit-out projects. Especially for franchise fit-outs, where each new franchise location opened needs to look identical to all the others. As Andy says “We seek to deliver a strong line of corporate congruity”.

Andy began talking to Fujifilm Sericol about 4 years ago and was impressed with what they had to offer. Those enquiries culminated in a trip ‘back’ to the UK for British born Andy in 2005 to visit the Fujifilm Sericol sales office in the UK. This decision was made as at the time there was only one other Spyder 320 installed in Australia, and Andy wanted to see first hand what the new machine could really do.

The trip proved worthwhile with Andy taking delivery of his new Spyder 320, 6 colour machine in January 2007. When asked why he chose the Spyder out of the myriad of flatbed printers available Andy answered simply “I found them to be the best”.

“I was impressed that they took the time to come over to Perth to inspect the premises and have a look at what we were doing. They arranged a specialist local transport company to look after the delivery from the port to our premises. And again that is something no other manufacturer has ever done for us.”

Fujifilm Sericol looked after all aspects of the logistics of the delivery of the new equipment and took into account factors that were unique to the location of the business. Perth is a geographically remote city and Fujifilm Sericol rose to the challenge associated with the destination.

Overall Andy has nothing but praise for the efforts of the Fujifilm Sericol team. They had listened to each of his concerns regarding delivery and logistics and devised ways to address all of them. In addition, having someone from Fujifilm Sericol ‘on the ground’ during the installation of the machine provided peace of mind for Andy during the installation stage.

However the good customer support didn’t stop there. The training Fujifilm Sericol provided was also good. And more comprehensive than any other manufacturer Andy had dealt with to date had been able to provide. It was also delivered in a very professional way. Not just training on the machine but also on the pre-press side – before the artwork actually arrives at the printer to be printed. Workflow on the machine needs to be managed well before the ink is thrown down, and the training associated with that took up another week .

Andy is very happy overall with his new Spyder 320 flatbed printer. “Some of the people selling these machines are just interested in getting a machine into your factory and making a lot of money selling ink. Fujifilm Sericol came across as being different to that. They seemed to understand the whole process and were keen to address areas of concern before they became a problem.”

Fujifilm Sericol Australia Pty Ltd

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