Ulrich Kolnik of JUST Normlicht, Germany, will be on DES's Printex stand 2008 to present their latest colour accurate viewing solutions, including the JUST Colour Communicator 2. DES will also be exhibiting the JUST products at the Photoimaging show.

The Colour Communicator 2 includes a light booth and adJUST monitor calibration software. This is for the colour matching of a soft proof and proof between a monitor and viewing booth. The Colour Communicator 2 is equipped with a USB communication interface that enables the adJUST to adjust the brightness of the viewing cabinet and to match the image displayed on the monitor with that in the viewing cabinet automatically with the utmost precision.

For the first time, the image on the monitor and the printout can be compared directly under standardised light. The system is controlled by the Luminance Level Control - a light sensor that continually monitors and readjusts the Colour Communicator 2 light booth's luminance level to maintain the computerised settings.

Firstly, the monitor is calibrated using adJUST the target brightness of the viewing cabinet is determined and later measured with the same colour measuring device. Then the software calculates the optimal adjustment and sets the Colour Communicator2 via a USB interface accordingly. Everything occurs automatically, the user simply puts the measuring device on the monitor and then into the viewing cabinet. The result is that a soft proof on the monitor and the proof in the viewing cabinet look exactly the same.

Viewing Booth Features:  USB-interface;  LCC-luminance level control;  Even illumination;  Totally glare- and reflection-free;  Special JUST fluorescent tubes proGraphic 5000;  Electronic dimmer;  LED hour meter.

Just Normlicht have appointed DES as their exclusive distributor in the Australia and NZ markets.

DES Pty Ltd

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