Epson has announced that it is sponsoring Onigiri Action 2023 as an official partner. Onigiri Action 2023, which will run throughout October and November, is an initiative of TABLE FOR TWO (TFT), a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting world hunger.

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Epson Logo2aAccording to estimates by several United Nations agencies, as many as 783 million people globally faced hunger in 2022. Hunger remains significantly above pre-COVID pandemic levels, with over 122 million more people facing hunger now than in 2019.

Epson Table for TwoA much-needed Table for Two meal
Epson aspires to achieve sustainability and enrich communities through social programs in areas such as environment, society, and economics. The company is also working to redistribute stable economic value and correct gender, regional, and other disparities.

Epson endorses Onigiri Action's commitment to social cooperation and balancing social responsibility and economic viability and is proud to be a new sponsor of this social initiative aimed at addressing the growing problem of global hunger.

Under the Onigiri Action scheme, each photo of onigiri - which is a Japanese riceball - posted to the campaign website or on social media (Instagram, X [formerly Twitter] and Facebook) with the hashtag #OnigiriAction, helps provide five school meals to children in need in Africa and Asia through TFT. The campaogn runs until November 17th

Epson intends to continue to collaborate with its customers and partners to solve societal issues and to enrich lives and create a better world.

To view uploaded onigiri photos and post your own, visit the Onigiri Action campaign site here:

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