3A Composites has unveiled its innovative and sustainable SWEDBOARD Fibre Paper Boards, which it claims are at the forefront of 'green' technology and now available from Spandex Australia, widening its extensive rigid material portfolio.

Spandex Swedboard

3AC Logo 20mm RGBIn April 2022, 3A Composites took a quarter-share of Swedish natural fibre board producer Swedboard International AB, closing an agreement to become a 25% shareholder, with a view to acquiring the remaining 75% of the shares of the company from mid-2024. Swedboard was founded by Swedish innovator Kurt Alden, who also founded Re-Board.

Local dealer Spandex says that, with the introduction of Swedboard Fibre, the new line of paper boards combines innovation and sustainability in perfect harmony, offering a wide range of benefits for various applications.

The company says that Swedboard Fibre can help transform the display industry with its premium, innovative, and environmentally-friendly characteristics including:

Innovative and Sustainable: Swedboard Fibre boards, available in Brown Nature and Premium White, offer an innovative and sustainable solution for environmentally responsible materials with FSC-certified paper and 100% recyclability.

Commitment to Sustainability: 3A Composites is dedicated to sustainability, with FSC certification for their production site and the use of 100% fossil-free electricity to reduce CO2 emissions, underlining their commitment to a greener environment.

Perfect for Diverse Applications: The boards exhibit remarkable stiffness and flatness, making them an excellent choice for applications like displays, shop design, furniture and more, thanks to the innovative manufacturing process that minimises waste.

High Quality and Safety Standards: Swedboard Fibre boards meet the highest quality and safety standards, assuring they are free of hazardous substances, making them a secure choice for a wide range of applications.

Future-looking Display Materials: Swedboard Fibre, with its blend of innovation and sustainability, is set to redefine eco-friendly display materials and establish a new standard for green technology in the display industry.

Innovative and Sustainable

Swedboard Fibre board comes in Brown Nature & Premium White paper-based rigid boards with two thicknesses, 10 mm and 16 mm, and are available in widths of up to 2400 mm. Crafted from FSC-certified paper (FSC C147499) and featuring a 100% recyclable, Swedboard Fibre boards claim to set new standards for environmentally responsible materials.

Exceptional stiffness and flatness makes the new fibreboards the perfect choice for 3D constructions, used in applications in the fields of displays (POS/POP), shop design, shop window decoration, furniture, and exhibition design. Notably, the innovative manufacturing process guarantees dust-free boards, eliminating waste during processing, printing, cutting, and on-site assembly.

Commitment to Sustainability

At 3A Composites, sustainable involvement and environmental protection have always been among its core objectives. The production site in Katrineholm, Sweden, is now FSC-certified (DNVCOC-001807), ensuring that only FSC-certified paper is used in the production of Swedboard Fibre boards, adhering to responsible forest management practices.

Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are being actively pursued, using 100% fossil-free electricity in the production process. Their modern, energy-efficient production further minimises raw material waste, emphasising the commitment to a greener environment.

Future-looking Display Materials

Swedboard Fibre boards meet the highest quality standards and undergo rigorous monitoring during production to ensure they are free of hazardous substances. The commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing is a hallmark of these innovative paper boards.

3A Composites' dealer Spandex says Swedboard Fibre is capable of becoming a premium, environmentally-friendly display material of  for businesses and designers aiming to make a sustainable impact. With its innovative features and commitment to eco-conscious production, Swedboard Fibre sets a new standard in green technology for the display industry.

For more information on Swedboard Fibre Brown Nature & Premium White, along with detailed guidelines and technical information, please visit THIS LINK.

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