Adobe announces the commercial release of Adobe Firefly, its suite of creative generative AI modules with integration across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express and Adobe Experience Cloud. (video)


“Today marks a new era of creativity for all for Adobe Creative Cloud members with AI built into the fabric of their workflows, and the promise of new creative magic with the availability of Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express Premium applications,” Adobe says.

“AI innovation is most powerful in the hands of creators, deeply integrated into the applications they use every day to bring their ideas to life,” writes Ashley Still in an Adobe blog. 

“We are blown away by the amazing content that the creative community produced during the betas of Generative Fill and Generative Expand in Adobe Photoshop, Generative Recolor in Illustrator and Text to Image and Text Effects in Adobe Express. Photoshop beta customers alone generated over one billion assets as part of their own unique work, and we are thrilled that these capabilities are now generally available to all Creative Cloud subscribers. This is just the beginning of how generative AI can co-pilot your creative workflows, and we will continue to bring Firefly-powered features into Creative Cloud for photography, design, video, 3D and more.

media_14f026e60409389041e985ab2580547bbc2d0a880.jpeg_copy.jpgWith Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop, powered by Adobe Firefly, you can add, remove, or replace objects in images using simple text prompts 
“Your Creative Cloud membership now also includes two new applications: Adobe Express Premium and Adobe Firefly. Adobe Firefly, now at, is your new playground for exploring AI-assisted creative expression. Adobe Firefly helps you ideate, create — and simply save time — whether you’re iterating concepts for a storyboard, extending backgrounds of images, or exploring colour combinations. Adobe Express Premium is the all-in-one creativity app, with new generative AI Text to Image and Text Effects features that make it even faster and easier to design and share standout social media posts, videos, images, PDFs, flyers, logos and more. With seamless workflows with Photoshop and Illustrator, Express is the perfect complement to Creative Cloud. 

media_1d38515baf78f0b8c7df078c461003d6fa2b8e323.png_copy.jpg During the beta, creatives have generated billions of assets with Adobe Firefly

“We want you to play, experiment, dream and create the extraordinary using the new generative AI technology now at your fingertips across Creative Cloud," says Still. "To enable broad access to and adoption of generative AI workflows, we are pioneering a new credit-based model across all Creative Cloud subscription plans. Starting today, Creative Cloud, Firefly, and Express paid plans now include a monthly allocation of “fast” Generative Credits, which are like tokens that enable subscribers to turn a text-based prompt into image and vector content in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Express and Firefly. After the plan-specific number of “fast” Generative Credits is consumed, subscribers can continue to generate content at slower speeds, or buy additional Generative Credits through a Firefly paid subscription plan. Starting November 2023, Adobe plans for users to be able to purchase additional Generative Credits through a new subscription plan, starting at $US4.99/month for 100 Credits."

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