Starting out subcontracting as a vehicle wrapper, Chris Dunning, owner of Elite Wrappers in Penrith, Western Sydney, has grown his business into a 3-person operation and recently added a Roland DG TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer – the first sold in Australia. (video)

“Having used competitor products in the past, Elite Wrappers was convinced the AP-640 had overcome most of the drawbacks of similar machines in the market, and were quick to snap up the first unit sold in Australia,” says Roland DG Australia in a press release. 

“As Chris notes, it’s natural to be concerned about having to ‘iron out any bugs with a brand new machine, especially one that’s new to the market, but this hasn’t been his experience with Chris saying ‘it’s clear how much Roland DG has invested in the R&D of the TrueVIS machines.’ 

“Rather than being a ‘leap of faith’, Elite Wrappers previous experience with Roland DG products over the years helped in the decision making process, and the AP-640 has delivered on the high standard they’re used to getting from Roland DG machines and service. According to Chris, ‘The Roland TrueVIS AP-640 has literally helped take our business to the next level.’

“The other factor that clinched Elite Wrappers’ decision to buy the AP-640 was advice from Ecolease through Roland Rental."
ap-640-resin-printer.pngRoland DG TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer

Nathan Greentree, operations manager at Elite Wrappers says: “We cannot fault the Ecolease team in their knowledge and recommendations on what was the best way for us to acquire this new piece of equipment. The whole process from quote to finance approval to installation took a mere 11 days and with one simple monthly payment over the term of their choice, Elite Wrappers’ estimates their monthly repayments can be covered in just a few days of operating. Roland DG machines are so reliable, and the service is exceptional.”

Roland added: “According to Nathan, although their original Roland DG VS-640i continues to be dependable, it is slightly outdated and was holding them back. The technology in the AP-640 suited their business model better, where tight turnarounds to meet transport industry demands dominates workflow. 

“Nathan also says the AP-640 is ‘great value for money’ and he ‘cannot fault the machine in the time we’ve had it. It’s probably been the most trustworthy machine I’ve had.’”

TrueVIS AP-640 resin printer 


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