Now celebrating its 70th year in business – and garnering five ‘Pinnacle’ Awards at Printing United in the USA – Mutoh has completed its ‘Pro’ model line-up of wide format printers with the unveiling of the XpertJet 1682SR Pro in Europe. It’s faster and can use gBL-free inks.

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Previewed at FESPA, the Mutoh XPJ-1682SR Pro can run 2 x CMYK or CMYK+Lc,Lc,Lk & Orange (pic:Nessan Cleary)


Mutoh Logo 350pxIn April we reported on the upcoming ‘Pro’ upgrades to Mutoh’s successful XPJ-1682SR range, previewed at FESPA. September saw the release of the MS51 gBL-free quick-dry inks. Now it’s all come together with the official unveiling in Europe of the Mutoh XpertJet (XPJ) 1682SR Pro model 1.6 metre wide format printer, with up to 200% speed increase and ability to run a double CMYK MS51 inkset for extra safety and faster drying time.

Mutoh I3200 printhead density

The AccuFine HD 3200 printheads with staggered nozzles

deliver ultra-high density prints at high-speed

The XPJ-1682SR Pro is an upgraded version of the existing XPJ-1682SR, with the main difference being that the AccuFine HD 3200 (Epson) printheads are now the latest PrecisionCore versions. This makes it a true production powerhouse for Sign, Wrap and Display printers needing to pump out the square metres (up to 35 m²/h in production), of printed SAV and other materials at top speed. It uses two AccuFine HD 3200 heads, the nozzles of which are arranged in a staggered configuration for higher density. Each head has four colour channels, allowing a choice of configurations with either two sets of CMYK or an eight colour inkset of CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, light black and orange.

The 1.6 m (64” in ‘old money’) XpertJet 1682SR Pro  high productivity twin-head sign and display printer targeted at long term outdoor/indoor sign & display and commercial print applications. The new XPJ-1682SR Pro uses two AccuFine HD print heads, each with 3200 nozzles, a new weaving algorithm and Mutoh’s genuine VerteLith RIP software to delivering the significant improvements in both print quality and print speed. The XPJ-1682SRP is ideally suited for high productivity environments, delivering high quality production speeds up to 35 m²/h. The new printer also integrates automatic alignments to ensure uninterrupted production and consistent quality.

With the optional new Mutoh MS51 quick dry CMYK inkset, Mutoh fulfills the requirements of sign professionals needing shorter times for job completion and safety-compliant gBL (gamma-Butyrolactone)- free inks. Compared to traditional sign and display inks, they offer the same colour gamut, excellent gloss preservation and weather resistance, abrasion and chemical resistance with UV durability up to 3 years without lamination. There is also no additional printer maintenance required.

Mutoh MS51 inks are also GREENGUARD Gold certified. Certification was obtained for the category Wall coverings, which means that output can be used at full room coverage, even in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.

Still engineered and manufactured to very high standards in Japan, the XPJ-1682SR Pro brings together the very best of Mutoh proprietary technologies for drop accuracy and therefore print quality:

  • Mutoh’s new AccuFine HD extra-wide 3200 nozzle print head technology
  • i-screen weaving, Mutoh’s fourth generation Intelligent Interweaving technology
  • Mutoh’s genuine VerteLith RIP software

These technologies have been designed to work seamlessly together to give users the most accurate drop-placement in the industry and they are all on-board the new XPJ-1682SR Pro. The new print head guarantees improved droplet quality, along with more accurate drop positioning. The i-screen weaving algorithms as implemented in the firmware of the Mutoh Pro class engines exploit the increased droplet quality to suppress banding even more. The VerteLith proprietary Mutoh screening, called Clear Tone, employs the improvements to the printer and print head to deliver even better gradients and skin tones, even in 4-colour setup, free of any noise.

The XPJ-1682SR Pro twin head printer is an addition to Mutoh’s existing XPJ-1341SR Pro and XPJ-1641SR Pro single head models released in January. The printer is available in Oceania through Mutoh Australia’s network of certified distributors.

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