Mutoh Europe announced the EMEA release of a sign and display CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key) ink set called the MS51 series. The new inks do not require health and safety pictograms and are also gBL- (gamma-Butyrolactone) free.

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Mutoh Logo 350pxThe MS51 inks are available in one litre packs and specifically developed for Mutoh’s new AccuFine piezo drop-on-demand print head technology integrated in the latest XpertJet Pro printer line-up. 

“The inks are ideally suited for long-term outdoor and indoor signage applications,” said a press release by Mutoh Europe, a subsidiary of the Japan-based wide-format digital printer manufacturer.

“We are proud to release this innovative ink for sign and commercial print professionals. The new MS51 ink series are the cherry on the cake for our high-quality XpertJet SR Pro series sign and display printer models which we released in January 2022,” said Mitsuo Takatsu, Mutoh Europe’s managing director. “The inks will initially be available for Mutoh’s XpertJet 1641SR Pro device, with more models following later this year.”

Stephan Heintjens, product marketing and product application manager for Mutoh Europe, said: “With our MS51 inks, we definitely fulfil the requirements of today’s sign professionals with regards to outdoor and indoor signage applications: wide media compatibility including heat sensitive substrates, superior colour gamut, vibrant prints, unrivalled gloss preservation of prints, 3 years outdoor UV durability, low odour, excellent abrasion, and chemical resistance.

“The MS51 inks are also future-proof. Taking into account the current CLP regulations, they do not require any danger or hazard pictograms and do not contain gBL. In addition, our MS51 ink formulation contains a new mix of evaporating liquids which will substantially improve the drying behaviour of the output.”

Editor's note: : gBL stands for gamma-Butyrolactone. gBL has excellent solubility/stabilising properties. The ingredient is questioned in some jurisdictions. As a pure product, it is possible that it can be used as base product for the production of recreational drugs, improvement of athletic performance, etc. Digital inks containing substantial amounts of gBL are questioned too. In a certain number of countries, inks containing gBL can no longer be imported, or at best have to be stored securely under licence.

Mutoh MS51 benefits
Mutoh's new MS51 inks - all of the benefits of eco-sol with none of the drawbacks, plus faster drying times

The new Mutoh MS51-series CMYK inks will be marketed exclusively by Mutoh Europe in the EMEA business area through its network of certified distributors. The inks will initially be available for Mutoh’s XpertJet 1641SR Pro device, with more models following later this year. Australian-New Zealand availability is yet to be announced.

The inks will be available in four colours: CMYK. The 1-litre ink packs will be available in disposable foil, which will help in reducing waste. Since the ink is hazard-free, the products will not have any danger or hazard symbols. They will have a gBL-free ink formulation. The collection will feature quick dry inks – for door openers to same day lamination.

The inks will have low odour levels as well as vibrant high-density prints, excellent dot gain, and media gloss preservation. With a superior colour gamut, the inks are suited for long-term outdoor and indoor commercial graphics. The inks also retain their UV durability without lamination up to 3 years outdoors and have quality abrasion and chemical resistance scores.


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