Signage company Mesh Direct used several substrates to transform Hymix Australia's newest site in Sydney with custom Aboriginal designs. 

         Hymix silo signage featuring Aboriginal artwork

“We were immensely excited to be part of this project,” said Sydney-based Mesh Direct, a 100% carbon neutral construction & event signage company. “Hymix Australia's newest premier site at Banksmeadow in Sydney was absolutely transformed with custom Aboriginal designs. We used several substrates for this mammoth project but the results from the Silo Wraps were maybe our favourite!"

The complex project presented several challenges, Mesh Direct said. 

“The first challenge was the silos that needed covering, as they would reach temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees and potentially even hotter during the summer months. This is a considerably hot surface, which we needed to take into account when considering materials. The second challenge was the walls at the site which needed covering. 

“Unfortunately, we were unable to get the permission required to attach signage to them, meaning we needed to build fencing in front of them. There was a children’s playground at one area of the site that this was particularly important for. Lastly, we were working in an area of high graffiti. This was also a consideration when choosing materials to ensure the signage wouldn’t be damaged.

“Due to the complex nature of this project, we spent some time planning which signage solutions would be most suitable. And we had just the solution. We landed on using almost every substrate from our range. For the silos, we used a high temperature-rated Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) which was able to withstand well above the anticipated temperature. Our SAV has extremely high adhesive and is designed to withstand all weather and extreme conditions. We were confident that that was going to be the right solution.”

The artwork features a custom Aboriginal design. Hymix approached MGM Australia, a company that with indigenous artists and indigenous youths within the area, to create the piece. 


 “We opted to use Laminated Aluminium Composite board for the area surrounding the children’s playground,” said Mesh Direct.

“This product has a great surface for vivid high-quality printing. It also provides longevity thanks to the robust nature of the substrate. In addition, we installed a couple of blank ACM boards so the kids could paint and draw on them whilst playing. This was a great solution to the initial brief for creating an engaging area."

 hanson mesh.jpeg

Due to being an area prone to graffiti, Mesh opted to use a graffiti-proof heavy-duty vinyl for the large areas where the client wanted to display information. "This product allows graffiti to easily be wiped away," it said.

“This project tested us in many ways, but the results speak for themselves. Hymix were extremely pleased with the top quality results that were produced. We utilised several substrates from our range to create an interactive and attractive space that can be enjoyed.”


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