EFI has won three categories in the Printing United Pinnacle 2022 Awards. For sign and display printers, EFI IQ for Display Graphics won in the Workflow/MIS/CRM sector while EFI Fiery Prep-It won In Premedia & Prepress. A special collaboration with Konica Minolta in print finishing also awarded Fiery Imposition Software.

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EFI IQ is aimed at Display Graphics and helps printers improve margins using data analytics

Pinnacle22 decal.pngIn Workflow/MIS/CRM, EFI IQ for Display Graphics was the winner. This is a suite of cloud and mobile applications that lets print service providers use production data to reduce their costs and maximize the value from EFI printers. EFI IQ captures and transforms production data into valuable analytics that enable users to take decisive action to improve production results. Using the IQ actionable data will help business owners to reduce consumable spend, save on labor costs, optimize inventories, and improve overall margins.


Pinnacle22 decal.pngIn the Software - Premedia & Prepress category, EFI's Fiery Prep-it was the winner. is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution for the preparation, layout, and automated production of print-for-cut jobs. It can both save hours of prepress time, and dramatically decrease media usage for large format print producers with its efficient true shape nesting. It features free-angle true shape and double-sided nesting, cut path editing, tiling, cut marks and bar-coding features, plus it integrates with prepress workflows, MIS platforms and web-to-print systems.


Pinnacle22 decal.pngIn the Multi-Function Finishing category, EFI Fiery imposition software was a winner for the way it integrates with the Konica Minolta’s popular inline slitter/cutter/creaser finisher to save up to 80% in setup time and ensure imposed jobs will be finished correctly without waste. Fiery Finishing Designer visually adds finishing marks to create finisher presets for common job sizes, eliminating trial-and-error setup. It then creates an imposition layout that is compatible with the cutting sequence from the finisher preset. After this one-time set up, manual data entry is eleiminated for future similar jobs using Fiery Impose templates and the finisher preset.


EFI printers and Fiery software are available through Currie Group:


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