ColorLogic, a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group, has released its latest profiling solution CoPrA 9 - “a control centre for ICC colour profiling in any colour space.”

“The redesigned Update Profile tool has been simplified and optimized,” the company said in a press release.  “Adapting profiles due to different ink, media, or temperature is effortless. Additionally, the profile reports now contain helpful and detailed information about the improvements that can be achieved using the updated profiles, making a profile update as straightforward as possible.”

Thorsten Braun, technical director of ColorLogic GmbH: "The new CoPrA 9 contains many new features and improvements of all modules. Major changes are supported ink-splitting, 3D-view, and profile updating. The profiling engine goes beyond standard applications and supports custom cases as well."

CoPrA 9 delivers more automation to the features used every day. The Printer Profiling has added calculation capabilities to Multicolour profile variants. The Profile Manager has enhanced its default view with a 3D Gamut view with various viewing options such as Lab scaling and a gamut preview for DeviceLink profiles. The Ink Splitting mode allows to automatically minimize channels by combining light and full ink channels. Additionally, the added speed boost due to native Apple ARM64 chip support makes profile calculation almost twice as fast. These are just a few of the improvements that keep CoPrA the leading ICC profiling application from ColorLogic.

CoPrA creates high-quality printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles with a user-friendly interface for any colour space and printing process. CoPrA produces immediate results working standalone, integrated into an existing workflow, or as part of the powerful ColorLogic Suite for a complete colour management solution. 

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