Roland DG has introduced a new mesh printing unit for the 104” AdvancedJET AJ-1000, an industrial grand-format printer engineered for high-volume production of banners, billboards, signage and other durable graphics.

mesh_mu1000.jpgThe AJ-1000 now offers support for unlined mesh media, ideal for any application calling for the unique sheer look of mesh or outdoor graphics that may be exposed to excessive wind.  Available as an option for the AJ-1000, the new MU-1000 mesh printing unit attaches and detaches easily from the AJ-1000, allowing professionals to quickly switch from standard grand-format media such as tarpaulin to unlined mesh media. 

“Mesh can add more sophistication and texture to virtually any graphic from indoor soft signage to outdoor banners,” said Marc Margetts, Sales Director.  “In addition to its unique look, mesh is lightweight and easy to store.  It is also well suited for oversized banners and other large prints where the bulk and weight of the media are safety factors.  In today’s highly competitive business environment, mesh printing gives Roland AJ-1000 users a distinct advantage.”


Mesh Printing Unit MU-1000 Features:

* Allows printing directly on unlined mesh media
* Lowers production costs for mesh printing
* Is easy to attach and detach, allowing professionals to quickly alternate between banner media and mesh.

Available as an option for the Roland AdvancedJET AJ-1000 grand-format printer.

Roland DG Australia Pty Ltd

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