The Océ Arizona 250 GT, a near-photographic quality flatbed and roll-to-roll UV curable inkjet printer, was recognised recently by the SGIA as the new digital imaging product development most likely to have a profound and positive effect on the industry and has won the Digital Printing & Imaging Association (DPI) Vision Award. 

The DPI Vision Award is given to an exhibiting manufacturer whose new product has the best chance of positively impacting the digital imaging industry. The decision is based on the product’s relevance to the market, potential industry influence and prospective value to the product’s end users.
The Océ Arizona 250 GT offers breakthrough levels of quality, productivity and flexibility. Based on a new Océ-developed platform, the Océ Arizona 250 GT combines a true flatbed design and a separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. It uses UV curable inks and Océ VariaDot imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality. This next evolution of piezo inkjet technology enables a print head to produce dots of variable size versus print heads using fixed-droplet technology. The result is image quality with a sharpness only seen before at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher.
It is ideal for producing a wide variety of display graphics such as event graphics, point-of-purchase display, signage, banners, backlit and reflective rigid displays, transit advertising and directional signage. But because of its ability to print on a wide range of materials not predetermined simply by "square, flat and thin," the Océ Arizona 250 GT can also produce applications beyond the norm including custom furniture, glasswork, fixture enhancement, fine art, or nearly anything that the imagination can conceive.
"The Océ Arizona 250 GT is a handsome new machine from Océ," said Grey Held, Principal Analyst, Wide-Format Production Printing Advisory Service, Lyra Research. "Unlike the first generation of low-end UV curable printers, which evolved from solvent inkjet printers or flatbed cutters, the Océ Arizona 250 GT is designed from the ground up with a feature set and price point that will appeal to entry level customers."

Océ Australia Pty Ltd

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