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One-way vision film launch

The UK's Madico Graphic Films used FESPA Digital 2008 to launch its new, Contra Vision Digital XR; an environmentally friendly, digitally printable one-way vision glazing enhancement film.

They say, Contra Vision Digital XR provides increased performance and environmental benefits compared to traditional perforated PVC films and has been designed to simplify and improve the production of one-way vision window graphics for promotional, display, privacy and corporate identity applications.

In recognition of its exceptional innovative and environmentally-friendly qualities, Contra Vision Digital XR was included in both the FESPA Digital Blue and Green Trails, an exclusive piste map of FESPA Digital exhibitors whose products or services have been deemed either particularly ground-breaking or ‘planet friendly’. As a further testament to its level of innovation, Contra Vision Digital XR has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ classification by FESPA’s independently appointed FESPA Trails committee; one of only five FESPA Digital exhibitors to be awarded this higher level of merit.

7922_hr.gifJointly invented and developed by Madico Graphic Films and Contra Vision, the versatile, polyester-based Contra Vision Digital XR film allows stunning full-colour printed graphics to be highly visible from one side, while providing a clear, tinted and see-through outlook through the reverse view.

Importantly, unlike PVC, the environmentally friendly polyester film does not contain environmentally harmful chlorine or release dioxins upon incineration. The film offers lower weight, minimal toxins, while clean incineration dramatically reduces the environmental impact upon disposal. Digital XR can also be imaged at high resolution, requires no lamination for external (non-abrasive) applications and is simpler to process, clean and finally remove. The film also avoids the need for edge-sealing, which would otherwise require the use of additional material and increased installation time, as well as adversely affecting the overall appearance of the installed graphic.

In addition, reliable adhesion is achieved thanks to 100% adhesive contact. This eradicates problems of low adhesion that are frequently associated with perforated variants – such as delamination in vehicle applications and easier tampering. Furthermore, as there are no perforations to collect dust, dirt or moisture, the overall performance and visual impact of Digital XR is greatly increased. This together with better dimensional stability and superior scratch resistance compared to PVC films, offers digital printers additional assurance of achieving visually stunning and robust graphics.

Commenting on the launch of Contra Vision Digital XR, Andy Voss, Managing Director of Madico Graphic Films Ltd, says, “Digital XR is set to significantly raise the bar in the arena of glazing enhancement, not least because of it’s unique environmentally friendly properties that will ensure its conformance to increasing global legislation to limit use of harmful materials.”

Adds Voss, “Digital XR offers unprecedented levels of print definition, performance and handling, resulting in a product that more than delivers upon digital printing customers’ growing requirements for superior products that are also planet-friendly. The fact that these attributes have been recognised by FESPA’s independently appointed FESPA Trails committee, further underscores the immensely impressive benefits delivered by Digital XR.”

The Contra Vision Digital XR substrate is printed using a conventional eco-solvent digital ink-jet printer, with ‘lines of print’ subsequently removed in a simple laminator based process. This leaves the printed image layers in exact registration and provides the necessary see-through areas. As a result, Contra Vision Digital XR enables digital print businesses to benefit from increased revenue opportunities, thanks the capability of offering new, more creative and higher quality window graphics; be it in POS, transportation, architectural, manifestation or other glazing applications.

Madico’s range of digitally printable window graphic films is currently the largest available on the market today. Alongside Contra Vision Digital XR, FESPA Digital 2008 saw Madico display products that include: ClearLite™, an ultra-clear digital and screenprintable polyester film for transforming windows into vibrant advertising, design and corporate identity opportunities; TextureLite textured privacy film, which enables designers and architects to combine privacy with decorative printed images; and Lumisty view-control film, which allows users to block unsightly views, create unique privacy effects or draw a customer's attention to a product in a retail display. All of Madico’s ink-jet printable films are coated with defect-free, clean-room coated adhesives for superior optical performance.

Madico Graphic Films Ltd