Gerber Scientific was recently reported in many trade publications as having problems with the production of their new Solara ion inkjet printer. Not so, said the company.

Speculative reports in some publications have suggested that the core technology behind the use of cationic ink by Gerber was the reason delays in volume shipment as late as the first quarter of fiscal year 2009.

Gerber's head of advanced technology John LaFleche was quoted as saying, “The delay is not related to the underlying cationic ink technology, the cationic ink involves exposure to ultra-violate light to complete the printing process."

He added, "Gerber has overcome the challenges of working with cationic ink, primarily maintaining ink stability and protecting the UV inkjet print heads from UV exposure, which can result in premature print head failure. Careful evaluation and testing have shown that Gerber has addressed those challenges. We remain confident in the robustness of the Solara ion printer technology,” LaFleche added.

Gerber officials have said that the delay in the introduction of the new printer was caused by the testing of electronic components, which took longer than expected, “resulting in a short delay in the testing and shipping schedule for the product.”

LaFleche said, “Volume shipments are expected in the first quarter of the new fiscal year, which begins May 1, 2008, with the potential for earlier shipments, following the completion of final product testing.”

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