Xanita have announced they are supplying their Mondi XtremeR board to two more major advertisers, CBS Outdoor UK and Clear Channel Europe, as a new sustainable print substrate used in framed advertising signage on bus and tram fleets.

 Mondi Xtreme replaces printed self-adhesive vinyl material which is commonly peeled off busses and dumped to landfill as soccer ball-sized PVC waste, after short-term campaign use. Self-adhesive vinyl takes longer to apply and remove from bus sides compared to fibre-board panels inserted into aluminium extruded frames. Mondi Xtreme allows advertisers to run shorter, cost-efficient campaigns whilst reducing thousands of cubic metres of landfill waste each year. CBS Outdoor UK is the market leader in driving product sales through the effective use of campaigns prominently displayed on the infamous London busses, the London Underground and Docklands' Light Railway system.

Mondi Xtreme, or "MX" is a revolutionary new flexible fibre board developed in a joint-venture over a number of years between Xanita scientists, Stellenbosch University research staff and R&D staff from the multi-billion Dollar Mondi Packaging Group. MX consists of a short-fibre white top liner sourced from FSC certified plantations, laminated to a 100% recycled kraft paper base. The resultant 1100gsm semi-rigid board has high moisture hold-out capabilities thanks to advanced new environmentally-friendly fibre coating technology that ensures optimum outdoor weather resistance. Due to its water and UV hold-out capabilities, MX has a useful outdoor life expectancy of up to six months. Amazingly, no wax or polyethylene is used in the manufacturing process, resulting in a fully repulpable board that is an excellent solution for many forms of short-term outdoor campaign or event signage. MX is flatbed UV inkjet, screen or litho print compatible.

In the global market, the pressure to reduce landfill disposal of PVC, wax and polyethylene-based print substrates is rapidly increasing. "Xanita are confident that their sustainable outdoor advertising solution is the way of the future" says Greg Nicholls, Xanita's Director of Sales & Marketing for Oceana, who will introduce the concept to local bus, tram and taxi fleet owners across Australia and New Zealand.

Apart from transit advertising, other applications include real estate signs, fence banners and promotional posters used in petrol station forecourts.

Xanita Pty Ltd

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