Agfa Graphics has announced the commencement of Frederik Dehing as President for Agfa Graphic’s Oceania Regional Operation.
Frederick, who until recently headed up Agfa’s Finance & Administration team of over 500 worldwide, was also a key member of Agfa Graphics Executive Committee (ExCo) responsible for the high level operation of the company.

Agfa’s Oceania region in essentially Australia and New Zealand, but also accommodates a healthy dealer network that services Pacific Island nations such as PNG, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga, Samoa and Tahiti

“I am delighted to be working with a well known and highly motivated team” said Dehing. “Agfa has enormous brand recognition in this part of the world and a market position that most would be envious of”

Dehing who only arrived in Australia a few days ago is undertaking a whirlwind tour of Agfa facilities and customers with retiring General Manager John Shore before finally settling his young family in Melbourne during December.

Agfa says goodbye to John Shore
December also marks the commencement of a well deserved retirement for current General Manager John Shore who will leave the business after five years in the top job. “John has successfully transitioned the business from almost entirely analogue to the new digital pre-press technologies that are now common place” said Dehing “Such technologies have bought about enormous change in management not only for our customers but ourselves as well, and I thank John for leaving Agfa a company best placed to take advantage of the new digital environment we now operate in”

Agfa Oceania

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