Optimus Management Information Systems Pty, a subsidiary of one of the world's leading MIS suppliers, has consolidated its position within the Australian graphic arts market with the announcement of major new software releases and new premises in South Melbourne. The company will hold an open house on the 29th and 30th of November to officially launch its Australian headquarters and a range of new MIS modules, including the new Optimus version QS.

"Optimus has been selling into the Australian market for more than 20 years and for the last eighteen months we have been putting in place an improved structure that will enable us to provide a level of sales, service and support that printers can expect from a leading global player," says Peter Charlton, managing director of Optimus Management Information Systems Pty. "It's been a very exciting time to be heading Optimus in Australia and we've won some significant orders during the last year. In fact, we're just completing a major installation for a client adopting all of the latest release technologies provided by Optimus."

The latest version of Optimus QS has been made even faster and more user friendly, and includes several new features and improvements. Incorporated in Optimus QS is a new task diary facility, which allows users to view tasks for a given time/date, allowing them to identify easily what should be happening that day and for the coming days either for a single task, tasks within an individual department, specific job or for the whole company. For example, it can highlight what proofs are
due to be sent within the next hour or the next 24 hours.

The task diary facility also allows the user to see the required production times and material quantities for these tasks. It is updated in real time from the Optimus remote data collection module, ensuring accurate information on the activities that remain to be carried out. Operators can also select to view completed tasks, in order to compare estimated and actual times, quantities and costs.

Optimus has extended the opportunity to use this information to study trends within the work being handled. Other new features within the MIS software include the ability to set authority spend levels within the company, which prevents individuals placing orders for amounts greater than their 'approved level'.

"The Price List Estimating package, designed to create estimates quickly without the need of an experienced estimator, has been extremely successful within the on-demand print sector in the UK and in Australia we have already won sales from commercial, screen, packaging and digital printing businesses. We expect PLE to develop a strong foothold within the Australian graphic arts sector," says Peter Charlton.

"Printers the world over want the maximum amount of job information for the minimum amount of keying and often operate in an environment where the selling price is already agreed. What they need is the ability to see how they can best make a profit when the final unit or contract price is fixed."

Visitors to the open house will also be able to see demonstrations of the Optimus Prestige Scheduling package operating in conjunction with Optimus QS. Prestige Scheduling is a real-time, multi user system that provides total flexibility to match factory capacity to changing job

The address of Optimus Management Information Systems Pty Ltd is: Level 4, The Lakeside Business Centre, 150 Albert Road, South Melbourne VIC 3205.

Optimus Management Information Systems Pty Ltd


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