Amongst the many other product launches from Sun Chemical at SGIA '07, the company announced the new Streamline S-Tech, SCP and SCP Plus, digital bulk ink feed systems for wide format Mimaki JV3 solvent ink printers, Seiko Color Painter 64/100 printers, HP 9000/1000 printers, and the Océ 6060/6100 printers.

They claim it is an easy-to-use, cost-saving system for continuous printing applications. Mimaki JV3 printers are used by approximately 8,000 commercial printing operations in Europe. Another 2,000 printers in Europe use either the Seiko Color Painter, HP 9000/1000 or Océ 6060/6100.

S-Tech is an ancillary system that gives printers the freedom to adopt Sun Chemical's range of Streamline solvent digital inks, realising the cost savings of using a value-for-money bulk ink product.  The system can be fitted and installed by a press operator with no modifications to either the hardware or software in the press. S-Tech uses a sensor to ensure a constant level of ink delivery, carefully controlling the ink reservoir levels to give consistent ink pressure on the print heads.  

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