SA International, developers of the Flexi sign software have released version 8.5.

They say that by integrating finely tuned technology with years of feedback from their partners and users, Flexi 8.5 maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich sign-making software with uncompromising quality. Below are a few highlights of the new version:

  • Fully compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system.
  • New drivers for all the latest printers, engravers and vinyl cutters.
  • Set the number of times a job is automatically re-sent without re-RIPing using the Repeat Job function.
  • Application Direct Printing through Dynamic PPDs
  • Nest or tile jobs to multiple rolls using the Dual Roll function
  • Easily correct colour with Variations, a point-and-click colour correction tool.
  • Sign Making Fonts and Graphics CD included with upgrades of FlexiSIGN or higher.
  • Break up multi-copy, multi-page, or multi-tiled jobs into individual jobs using the Break Apart function.
  • Improved Features
    Automatically or manually download updates with the SAi Downloader.
  • Nesting saves more media and adds flexible editing within Job Properties’ layout view.–ICCs can now be applied to individual jobs in a nest.
  • Enhanced Colour Management System which includes improved dithering, and support for up to 16 color channels.
  • Import/Export filters.
  • Weedlines no longer cut through the inside of letters.
  • Easier preset management - Save, save as, rename and delete are now available as buttons besides the preset selection.

SA International

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