Gandinnovations has improved its Graphic User Interface (GUI); now, they claim, operators can access a faster and more powerful program that will quickly and easily, drag and drop, as well as manipulate and manage artwork files.

All new Jeti printers will feature the new unique user interface.  It’s clean and clear, and makes working a breeze.

 ink control window (1).gif
 The Ink Control interface

This totally graphical system is very intuitive and easy to use.   New features include a "Jobs" program. “Jobs” allows the operator to create a new image layout and setup, while the printer is busy printing.

“The new GUI has been in the beta testing stage for a few weeks now and several customer demos have been completed using it exclusively. At this time, the current version does everything the old GUI does and then some,” says Randy Scarborough, Lead Engineer for Gandinnovations.

Pop-up messages give the operator recommendations for solving any printing problems that may arise, and warnings appear next to images that are not ripped according to the current printer configuration. 

A report window and web browser interface is a new feature that allows comprehensive tracking of completed jobs to include substrate and ink usage. 

You can still choose from the three popular RIP’s offered with the Jeti Printers. Images are stored on the console's 80 GB disk and are viewed as thumbnails. Numerous image manipulations can be performed; crop, rotate, mirror and nesting are just a few.

 job control window01.gif
 The Job Control interface

The new GUI allows communication with any popular operating system; this gives the operator the ability to send print ready files direct to the Jeti printer from any computer on the network.

“We take pride in these enhancements to the Jeti line of printers. They will add to an already excellent reputation of our manufacturing and service after the sale,” adds Scarborough.

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