ISO may be the current buzzword of the industry but some printers still seem mystified at exactly what they need to meet the ISO print standard 12647.

As the interest surrounding printing to ISO continues to grow, DES are now offering you the opportunity to undergo a ”Repro To Press Assessment”, to analyse and identify exactly how close you are to being ISO proficient.

Designed to give printers a better understanding of the ISO process, whilst giving realistic cost & time forecasts, DES are keen to educate the industry of the benefits involved in printing to ISO.

“This free assessment will be very valuable to printers who are keen to stay ahead of the competition,” commented David Crowther of DES. “Printers can discover how to be more cost & time efficient, produce consistent & repeatable runs, keep their business healthy and print to the increasingly popular ISO standard.”

The principal is simple. DES will provide printers with a control strip to add to the edge of their press sheet. When the printers are ready DES will attend and measure their strip and assess the equipment they have in place. DES will generate an in-depth report to indicate how their print tolerances have compared to the ISO standard and advise on what needs to be corrected in order to comply with ISO.

“This is a simple approach to the complex issue of implementing process control over the entire production workflow,” commented Russell Cavenagh of DES. “We see customers have concerns adopting new standards, but we are experienced and can guide printers through the procedure in a simple and cost effective way.”

DES began championing ISO press control standards 4 years ago and have since implemented ISO at some of Australia’s leading print groups and print buyers based on their popular PrintSpec software. PrintSpec will not only match a press to an ISO standard, but can also be customised to a company’s in-house standard.

To find out more about undergoing a complimentary Repro to Press Control Assessment contact Ian Bain at DES today. 02 9736 6700    

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